Who We Are

Every member of the M30 Retail Services team brings extensive experience and a commitment to provide our clients with superior service and results.

Meet our team:

Richard Labbé


Richard worked at the corporate office of Canada Safeway for over ten years, working in such areas as category management, space management, and corporate retail auditing. Prior to his time at Safeway, Richard worked at MDI in Montreal, an information and technology organization responsible for a number of retail and retail support clients, specifically the Canadian Space Management Databank Foundation (currently GS1 Canada Image & Validation). Beginning in 2005, Richard has been responsible for the day to day operations of M30 Retail Services.

Shane Robinson
VP, Shelf + & Technology

Information Technology

IT is a fundamental part of any business; it provides the backbone required to get things done in a timely efficient manner. M30 Retail Services is an innovator in retail services technologies. Our Shelf +, and Emapping products were developed from the ground up to streamline retail operations management. M30 will continue to innovate and bring innovative new technologies online for retailers, and vendors for many years to come.

Jeff George
VP, Finance


The personnel within the department of Financial Operations offer both employees and customers the opportunity to contact us directly to communicate openly any concerns with direct relations to our department.

We are dedicated to answering any questions or concerns our clients and employees may have. Our clients can expect and will receive timely reports, invoicing and return responses. We are available to offer any guidance to our employees in the area of payroll, benefits, Policy and Procedures along with any general HR inquiries.

Jim Paulson
Director, Reset Services

Reset Services

The Reset Services Team is committed to providing the retailer themselves with an uncompromising level of customer service that exceeds their needs at store level. M30 Retail Services presence right in the heart of the action, with hour by hour reporting, status updates and direct contact M30 Retail Services Managers for follow-ups, all allow the retailer to keep their finger directly on the pulse of their various programs.

Our team is dedicated to helping our clients better understand and achieve success in all areas, and or identify and target areas that need more focused attention, all aimed at helping the retailer maintain the highest standards and remain on top, in a very competitive market.


Tiffany Stones
Director, Employee Services

Employee Services

Employee Services is the department that advocates for both the employee and the employer. We handle recruitment, selection, employee files, employee benefits, employee service awards, training, termination, exit interviews, performance management, organizational structure and descriptions, employee agreements, forms and chosen charitable organization. We are available for employees to answer any questions and provide support for whatever is required.

Mike Underwood
Director,Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence department is responsible for providing reports and analytics to our customers in order to provide our customers with the analytics required to make sound business decisions. Mike Underwood brings a huge amount of experience in business analytics to our team.

Mike Underwood has nearly 20 years of prior experience at retail level analytics, as well as numerous years of technical and IT experience, other management experience, and 13 years with our company.

Jonathon King
Director, Vendor Services

Vendor Services

Our dedicated Vendor Services Team has a combined 65 years of service and a vast array of experience within the retail industry.  Committed to looking after all your retail needs, our team focusses on helping you, our clients, acheive your goals.  Therefore, our success is directly related to YOUR success.

Relying heavily on our four pillars – Honesty and Integrity, Superior Customer Service, Respect, and Innovation, our promise to you is to deliver reliable and trustworthy results.

Adrian Lim
Director, New Services Development

New Services Development

Providing value added services to our clients is one of M30’s key pursuits to grow the company business with a new portfolio of retail marketing services. This is brought about by the recent strategic partnership with OMG Asia. As a result of this, three new business units have been established namely Activation (Demos & Sampling), Continuity and Media. M30 will be launching these marketing solutions with our retail chain partners across Canada to assist CPG brands increase market share, boost sales and ultimately attain profitable growth.