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Fixture Installation

Store fixtures and retail displays should be built and configured properly in order for them to serve their intended purpose.  They form the backbone that supports the merchandising layout and plan. Attracting customers to a store is crucial, but having fixtures built to  spec in order to best display merchandise is key.


Partnering with M30 for your fixture installations ensures your stores categories are efficiently set up to merchandise your products to the shopper.

Store fixtures come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and we have experience building them all.


All retailers use fixtures, and are faced with fixture repair and maintenance. M30 can serve as your own fixture services department and handle any fixture repairs or replacements you require. Let us do the heavy

Display Case Fixture

lifting while you keep your focus on the important task of operating retail locations. Contact M30 today to find out more about our comprehensive retail fixture services and how we can assist with your store fixtures today.

Case Study

We were contacted by a multinational vendor to install specialty racks in over 400 retail locations across Canada. M30 picked the racks up from a central location in Toronto and distributed the racks to all 400 stores. These specialty fixtures were so large that the store did not want them waiting in the backroom to be installed. In order to efficiently install the racks with as little disruption as possible to the backroom operations of the retailer, M30 coordinated its teams to arrive within 48 hours of the rack delivery being confirmed. M30 merchandisers with fixture experience were sent to build, install, and merchandise the 100+ items that needed to be on each rack. The duration of this project was 45 days and all racks were successfully delivered and installed.

gift card fixture
gift card rack
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