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1946. He went on to find his “Sweet Heart”. Her name was Eleni “Helen” Plasteras, whom he knew from High School.They were married October 1st, 1949 and have children, Eleanor Creasey, Barabara Hill and Douglas Hill and two grandchildren, Erin and David Creasey.

Gordon is an active volunteer and one of the original members of the Calgary Aero Space Museum, previously having held membership card #6.

The M30 team met Gordon for the first time at the Calgary Aerospace Museum many years ago. We were all wowed by Gordon’s humility and stories (although they were tough to get out of him) and decided a few weeks later to honour Gordon.

We are proud to dedicate our boardroom to one of the only and perhaps last Canadian World War II Spitfire fighter pilots alive in Canada today.

Gordon M. Hill Dedication

Gordon Hill is the oldest child of John Ross Hill and Lily Reed. He was born in Canora, Saskatchewan. In December, 1941 Gordon joined the RCAF. He did the majority of his training in Québec. He was then posted to the West Coast with 133 “F” Squadron (F is the abbreviation for Fighter). In early 1944 he was sent overseas to southern England, where he joined the 2nd Tactical Air Force.

From between D-Day and the end of the war, Gordon flew with 416 Squadron from 14 different airfields. Gordon flew six different Marks of Spitfires: Mark 1, 2 and 5 during training and had his first Ops on a Mark 9, then on to the Mark 14 and the Mark 16.

“Sweet Sixteen” has two connotations for Gordon when he chose to have his spitfire painted with this script. The first was that the plane was a Spitfire Mark 16, the second was the old saying “Sweet 16 and never been kissed!”Gordon was discharged in March

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