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New Store Set Ups

Getting a new store ready to go requires the skills and experience of a trusted group of professionals. With an experienced team on your side, you can be rest assured that the project will be completed by the grand opening date. M30 is proud to partner with retailers in order to bring all the moving parts into alignment and deliver the expected results right down to the finest detail. Our experienced teams have the knowledge and know how to complete new store set ups with ease.​

M30 offers retail partners support and backup throughout the entire duration of a new store build. Our well-trained and experienced  remodeling managers provide quick turnaround times while executing exactly to plan. Site Supervisors are assigned to your project so you can take comfort in knowing  that someone is giving your project 100% care and attention every step of the way. 

New Store Set Up.jpg

Case Study

A big box hardware retailer needed someone to set up new stores, so they called upon M30 Retail Services to handle the job. Over the course of 2 years, we helped this customer install fixtures, POS, displays as well as merchandise all of the products on the shelves in multiple locations across Canada. 

The retail locations were of various sizes, with the average size being 112,000 square feet. We worked with this retailer to coordinate and maximize the effectiveness of our work force in order to complete each retail location on time. The result is a happy customer who still calls on us when they have projects they need completed.

New Store Resize.jpg
New Store with employee.jpg
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