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Store Audits

Our professional Field Agents can evaluate your product in

the market based on any criteria you would like to gain

insights on. Whether you are in a production, distribution or

marketing role, we can provide you with the desired data

and stats you need.


M30 provides customized audit project management that

returns accurate data in a timely and efficient manner by

leveraging our field management and auditing system.

Whether it is one or a thousand stores, we can track each

task completed in each store that is part of an audit project

and provide you with real time reporting as the results get

submitted through our vendor reporting portal. By choosing

to work with M30 you can rest assured that 100% execution

with real time data is at your fingertips.

Our most commonly performed audits include: distribution audits, planogram compliance audits, price audits, POS & signage audits, packaging audits and expiry date audits. Contact us today and get the experience and the resources of the M30 team working for you.

Retail Auditor

Case Study

A well-known national brand approached us and wanted us to perform audits on their products to help them keep expired items off the shelf. They were listed in 180+ stores within 1 retailer and were noticing a high number of instances where they found expired product on the shelves. As this was time-sensitive produce, maintaining products on the shelf that were fresh was important to the reputation of the brand.


M30 was approached to perform expiry date audits on a weekly basis for this client. Through the gathering of this data the vendor was able to determine which locations were not monitoring expiry dates on the products. After the initial audit period the project was shifted from auditing all 180 stores to continually auditing the stores that were found to be trouble stores. Over time through the stats being gathered we were able to tell that the initiative was having an effect and now we perform spot audits as a maintenance facility to keep tabs on how the stores are managing expiry dates for this vendors product. The customer was very happy with the changes they were able to implement based on the data collected by the M30 team.

Store Auditor
Retail Store Auditor
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