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Merchandising Logistics

There are many moving parts when planning marketing

initiatives for products or brands. Budgets get approved,

timelines get set, extra product gets manufactured, signage,

and other aspects of the marketing mix get created in

preparation to drive sales. All of these efforts are wasted if you

can’t get the products or promotional materials to the stores

on time.

M30 has over 20 years of experience handling the special

requirements associated with merchandising logistics. We

coordinate shipments of any required promotional material to

coincide with the days our teams will be at stores so we can

best coordinate the installation of any signage.

Our warehouse staff are not strangers to going above and

beyond to help our clients with those special merchandising

projects that most standard logistics service providers do not provide, i.e. consolidations or individual kitting of signage and other POS material.

Procurment Logistics and warehousing.jpg

Case Study

One of our multinational customers wanted to change out their promotional signage on their display racks in over 300 stores across Canada. M30 was approached by the customer to see if we could handle the project and do it in a more cost-effective manner than has been done in previous roll-outs. M30 was up to the task and was able to save the client thousands of dollars in their distribution cost by consolidating the delivery of the signage from Mississauga to our warehouses in Calgary and Winnipeg.

Once the signage arrived at the respective warehouse, it were broken down into the required kits relative to each store and sent to our reps directly so they could go to the stores and install the required signage.  The project was a success – 100% of the racks received new signage even though the kits were not the same for each store. Every store received exactly what they needed, the customer was happy because the job was well done, and we saved them some money in the process.

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