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Connecting Shoppers to Your Brand

We establish the ability for brands and retailers to leverage their message with the right communication tools at the right time. The heart of Red Basket lies in our ability to create meaningful connections through our use of exciting shopper engagement tools.We deliver value through increased brand awareness and brand understanding. Our campaigns influence purchase decisions and create excitement in stores for your shoppers.

Our products have the power to engage shoppers’ and enable you to obtain category dominance for your brand in crucial shopping zones. We help you capture shoppers’ attention as they enter the store to create brand awareness and excitement that drives sales.

Our products are specifically designed to build long-term equity for your brand. Our custom medium allows us to strategically position your brand messaging throughout high-traffic zones in the retail store to maximize your presence.

To engage shoppers and communicate your brand message effectively, our product offerings include unique sensorial marketing tools. These add the dimension of touch, taste, smell, sound, and unique visual experiences to your communications.



We give you unparalleled retail coverage across Canada. This means that we can ensure first hand that your brand messages are where they need to be in order to be seen by millions of shoppers!


You will get a hassle-free turnkey solution. We manage the whole process from creative design and artwork; to production, installation, maintenance, and tear down.



Choose from a wide range of our engaging, exciting, and effective products that best communicate your brands’ message. Our team continually stays on top of the latest global shopping and retail trends to ensure that your messaging is always relevant to your shoppers.


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