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Store Remodels

Are you in need of a store remodel? Do you need to re-brand

and convert a store that you have recently purchased? Are

the gondolas and other fixtures in need of replacement or

repair? Is your store layout scattered and inconsistent? Lets


Store remodel projects require extra care and attention as

they normally require completion during store hours, and 

need to be planned as to not disrupt current store operations. M30s' store remodel teams coordinate with your store management team to develop a plan of action that avoids

disruption to customers during a remodel. Our teams can

provide the following while your store remains open:

  • Regular communication with decision makers

  • Project coordination

  • Construction

  • Specialty and supply fixtures and materials

  • New fixture and display installation

  • Merchandising

  • POS installation

M30’s store remodeling teams have been performing remodels for all sizes of stores and retail chains for over 10 years. We can perform all tasks associated with store remodels including finishing work, framing and drywall, flooring, ceilings, electrical, plumbing, fixture assembly and installation. A dependable store remodeling company like M30 can help you effectively execute your store remodel projects. Contact us today and let us show you that we can provide you with the highest quality remodel services in the industry.

after store remodel pic

Case Study

One of our big box hardware clients purchased a company with locations across Canada. They needed teams to remodel the newly purchased stores to be in alignment with their branding and layouts so they called upon M30 Retail Services to handle the task. Since the acquired retail locations were already open, we had to work around the day to day retail operations in a manner that did not disrupt customers or staff. We merchandised product, hung signage, and set up fixtures. Each conversion took 16 weeks to complete, and each store had an average size of 117,500 square feet.

New Store Set Up
Retail Remodel
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