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Retail Merchandising

Humans are sensory beings. The temperatures, colors, smells, and sounds of a place can influence a customer’s buyer experience. At M30, we understand this, which is why we use this information to help attract customers to your store, direct them to the high-profit products, and keep them in the store for longer. We provide a wide range of services that make your retail services more sustainable, convenient, and profitable in the very competitive Canadian market.

M30 has supported retail stores since 2005, and we understand the struggles and challenges that retailers face in the Canadian retail industry. With more than 400 merchandisers throughout the country and more than 4500 stores covered, we have the experience and overarching stability your retail store needs to grow and thrive. Our main goal is to help drive sales for your company and to create retail strategies that will help you achieve your business objectives.

Merchandiser working on a shelf

We rely on decades of research to help elevate your business’ profitability. Whether you are new to retail or you have been around for a while but are looking for a way to outperform your competition, our retail merchandising services can give you the techniques you need to improve your sales and customer experiences.

What we do
We help create value for your customer while increasing revenues by providing the following core retail solutions:

1.    New store setups – We work with speed and accuracy to help our clients set up new stores. Our trusted group of experts will work hard to ensure your store is ready for the grand opening. We have partnered with retailers from all around the country to ensure we deliver expected results down to the finest detail. Our site supervisors will execute the project exactly to plan in a timely fashion. Your customers deserve the best when they enter your store, why not start off perfectly merchandised.

2.    Product Ordering – We have experienced and dedicated representatives who help order your products on your behalf. With our nationwide coverage, you can be sure that your products will be on shelves all over Canada.

3.    Store resets Our merchandising professionals work with the management in your store to ensure a smooth store reset without disrupting day-to-day operations. We have a lot of experience under our belt, and we work hard to meet deadlines without negatively affecting your store’s business during the day.

4.    Store audits Our experts evaluate the products you sell in your store and provide timely stats and actionable data to help your improve sales and profits. Regardless of the size of your business and the number of stores you have, we can track each of the tasks completed in each of the stores and provide real-time information through our portal. Some of our commonly-performed audits include distribution audits, price audits, and signage audits. Keep a finger on the pulse of your merchandising efforts.

5.    Category resets Our team of merchandisers can help you implement a category reset solution to ensure you have the best-selling products and to create a more positive customer experience. We have a team that works around your schedule, including at night and after hours, to help reset your categories without disrupting the store’s daily operations.

6.    Fixture installation Fixtures form the backbone of your store’s layout and plan. Working with M30 to install your merchandising fixtures ensures all your categories are set up and your products are displayed in a way that attracts customers and encourages them to make a purchase. We have our own fixture department that also handles any fixture repairs and maintenance your store requires.

7.    Retail signage Retail signage can help you market your products better. Our team can handle everything from shelf takers to elaborate store displays. We deliver the installations in a timely manner to ensure the retail signage is ready for your store’s marketing initiative.

8.    Merchandising logistics M30 has more than 20 years’ experience in handling merchandising logistics. We coordinate shipment of promotional material to ensure the products are within your budget and that they arrive within the set time. We ensure the shipment of materials coincides with the day our team will be at your store so as to coordinate installation of signage.

Why choose us
Combining our full range of services and our trailblazing national coverage, M30 has set itself apart as a leader in retail merchandising. We help create a profitable relationship between the store and the customer and we go above and beyond to help your company expand and thrive. As a leading retail merchandiser, we have years of experience and lots of high-performing talent in our company. We use our expertise and national reach to create retail merchandising solutions that exceed your expectations.

Learn more about merchandising

We are on top of merchandising trends and love to keep our customers in the know. Please visit our merchandising news feed for merchandising related articles.

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