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Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Alyssa is a talented and athletic teenager! She plays volleyball, was a competitive gymnast and now teaches it and won at Nationals for weight lifting! Her favourite shows are watched on Netflix, like Dexter and American Horror Story, and her favourite movie is We Bought a Zoo. She is an award winning photographer for photos she has taken in Waterton and Seattle. For fun, her and her friends like to play beach volleyball, go to football and hockey games and bridge jump. Like most teenage girls, she loves to shop at her favourite stores like Garage and Brandy Melville. She loves eating sushi and her favourite dessert is pumpkin pie. At 16, she is also driving now and loves it! After winning at Nationals for weight lifting, Alyssa started getting pain in her hip. After a year of wondering, she was diagnosed with pseudomygenic hemangioendethelioma. In simpler terms, it is a rare form of cancer that presents in both the bone and soft tissue. Alyssa had to quit two of her favourite sports, in weight lifting and track due to the pain, but continues to do the other things that her pain tolerance will allow. She is hoping to make the High School volleyball team this fall.

Although Alyssa doesn’t know what her wish will be yet, she likes to explore and has always wanted to go to Indonesia! No matter what she chooses, Alyssa will get to do something she loves with her family and have a great time! We are so excited for you Alyssa!

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