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Choosing The Best Retail Merchandising Company For Your Business

Choosing the right retail merchandising companies can mean the difference between success and failure for you retail store. This is because the merchandiser can help you launch the new store and subtly but effectively display and organize your merchandize in a way that attracts customers and encourages them to make a purchase. With so many companies promising to do a good job, it can be challenging to find the perfect merchandiser for your specific store. The following are some of the tips that can help you find the right retail merchandising company:

Do your homework

Before starting your retail merchandising campaign, it is important to research as many retail merchandising companies as possible. Though there are very many reputable companies, not all of them will be the right fit for your particular business. Read reviews from people who have a similar business to yours in order to get a company that will understand the heart and core values of your business.

Ask important questions

After narrowing down your choices, it is important to ask the companies the right questions. Engage with the retail merchandiser to ensure he or she can accommodate your specific requirements. Does the company have architects, digital marketers, contractors, and the IT capabilities to solve our business’ complex merchandising challenges? Provide them with as much information about your business as possible, and ask them to create an outline that ensures success and gives you the results you are after.

Review their portfolio

The old adage, “Don’t tell me, show me” is very useful in retail merchandising. Every company will toot its own horn and claim to be the very best in the industry. To verify their claims, request physical samples of their work, and pay attention to details. Review the merchandising solutions that the company has created for past clients. Does their portfolio back up any of their creativity and customer insight claims? How many designers work on a specific project, and what experience do they have?

Verify success in the marketplace

Before choosing a retail merchandising company, ask for references from retailers they’ve worked with in the past. Ask these references whether they’d be willing to hire the company again, and if they’d be willing to work with the company on multiple projects. Verifying their success with previous clients can help you determine if you are working with a professional who respects deadlines and delivers quality.


Plans change, and flexibility is a must in any retail merchandising strategy. It is very important for a merchandiser to always anticipate any changes that might occur through the stages of the project. Ask the retail merchandising company if they can provide a real world example of when one of their projects was side-tracked and if they were able to achieve a positive outcome in the end. It is very important for the company to work nimbly around any of the challenges that arise while working on a project.


The retail merchandising companies provide the resources and expertise that can help you successfully plan and execute your retail strategies. These tips will help you choose a company that will facilitate the movement of your products and provide value-adding solutions to your retail business.

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