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Updated: Apr 7

Ezekiel is a teenage boy who is like most typical boys his age. His favourite movies are any action or comedy and he loves food. His favourite sport is basketball, and he can’t wait to feel better so he can play again! Ezekiel suffers from kidney failure and is awaiting a kidney transplant. This means many trips to the hospital, dialysis and waiting to feel better. This has restricted him from doing some of his favourite things, including a restricted diet. However, Ezekiel loves history so when he was asked what his wish was, he chose to visit the beautiful, historical, Paris! Ezekiel will get the chance to study all his favourite history books and then visit some of the places he knows so much about! He absolutely loves seeing historical buildings and is so excited to see the architecture and infrastructure of the Eiffel Tower. Although Ezekiel has had to overcome some challenges, his experiences have shaped him into a very caring and giving young man, and his family is very proud and excited that he will get his most heartfelt wish!


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