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Robots in Retail

We all know that robotics is an up and coming industry who's uses and potential are just starting to be realized. I came across this video and thought this was something worth writing about. When people think of robots they think of humanoid types we grew up with, Data from Star Trek, Transformers, Astro Boy, Blade Runner. In reality robots are built to take on a human form so we can relate to them, and interact with them without feeling the interaction feeling weird and uncomfortable. In reality robots can take on any size and shape depending on their intended use. Take the robot depicted in this video; it is used to scan retail store shelves and compare how the isles are merchandised and compare them to a planogram. This retail robot can detect and report on out of stocks, unauthorized items, tags that shouldn't be on the shelf, and pretty much any aspect of the shelf that a retailer wants to gain insights on. The data they capture can also help retailers determine which categories should be subject to store resets.

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