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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Merchandising companies in Canada are invaluable to retail businesses because they help attract customers to a store and keep them long enough to make a purchase. Humans are visual beings, and retail merchandising companies use this to their advantage while designing your store. The following are some of the strategies these companies use to encourage your customers to shop more.

1. Use signage

Large, bright signs can help inform your customers of any sales and promotions in your store. Signage can also be used as a directional tool to let your customers know where various items are. If your store is clearing out any low inventory products, merchandising companies in Canada can help create signage that direct your customers to these products. Signage can also help promote the brand’s identity or clearly define any of the store’s departments. For maximum effectiveness, any signs should be should be short and to the point, and they should be easy to read while promoting the retail store’s theme.

2. Engage with all the senses

Although retail merchandising focuses a lot on visual aesthetics, merchandising companies can also capitalize on the opportunity to engage with other senses. Consider how your customers will feel when they walk into your store. While they will observe everything with their eyes, a bit of music can also affect their interaction in the store and encourage them to stay longer. Use slow music with softer beats to slow down your customer’s pace as they walk around your store.

Place items in your customer’s line of sight to make it easier for them to touch and feel the textures. If your store sells any food or drinks, create a sample table to engage the customer’s sense of taste. The sense of smell is associated with memory and can help you connect with a customer on an emotional level. Ensure your store has an attractive smell to keep your customers in the right frame of mind.

3. Refresh the layouts and displays

Merchandising companies in Canada can help you ensure your store remains current. Depending on the holiday, you can refresh layouts and displays to reflect the current mood. However, it is important to remember that consistency is still important. Any changes in layout and displays should not be drastic. All the changes should still stick to the store’s theme.

4. Product grouping

Grouping products together is very enticing, as it helps ignite your customer’s imagination. For example, you can group together a heavy jacket with a sled and snow boots on your store’s window display. This grouping can encourage any window shoppers who are walking on the streets to pause for a second and take a look. It can also encourage them to walk into your store and explore all the other things you have to offer.

5. Create a hierarchy

It is important to grab your customer’s interest while they shop in your store, and contrasting heights and hierarchy is the easiest way to do this. Arrange items from the ground up to create room for your clients’ eyes to wander. The pyramid principle is one of the strategies that merchandising companies in Canada use. This design makes items in your store look like they are cascading in the line of vision. The pyramid principle ensures that your store’s display never looks boring or flat.


A good retail merchandising strategy can help influence your customer’s buying behavior. The best merchandising companies in Canada can help you create a positive ambience in your store using signage, scents, music, colors, and lighting, thus helping to improve your sales and increase your customers’ satisfaction.

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