Shelf+ taps into your space management system and uses the data to generate print ready shelf strips. Each strip contains unlimited data, such as product images and product placement markers, which makes it easy for shelves to be set up and maintained with great accuracy.



We ensure planogram compliance – Shelf+ strips bring your retail sections to life with product images, product information, facing dividers, and more. Advertising space on the strips can be used to promote your brands or vendor brands. Shelf+ guarantees “zero” distribution voids! 



Shelf+ ensures vendors get their product noticed at that critical moment when the shopper is at the shelf making their final purchasing decision. This is done through shelf channel advertising on the shelf strips placed under your product on the shelf. 



Every day millions of shoppers buy products. Shelf+ allows you to place ads right in front of them multiple times in various locations throughout any retail location. Inform the shopper of any promotions, value ads, or alternative uses for your product at the shelf level via QR codes, coupon codes, etc..


The Shelf+ system can work with any shelf or fixture type. We have dynamic manufacturing capabilities to make sure we can deploy the system in any retail location with any space management software.





Through our retail services department, we can execute a shelf strip program across all of your retail locations. Advertiser’s campaigns can be audited for execution and reporting made available upon request to our customers.



Our system has been developed over the past five years to read planogram files and analyse them in order to maintain data consistency. This data consistency is the key to ensuring a shelf strip program is successful because in this business a millimetre is really a mile.